So Many Fish…So Little Time  

Take your pick – trolling offshore for a speed-demon wahoo or stalking snook and redfish in the quiet backwaters of Tampa Bay. Fishing from the beach, piers and party fishing boat charters also are easy ways for the novice to get into the action. Seldom a day goes by when an angler gets skunked fishing these waters. This is West Coast fishing at its best.

Let our experts at the Guy Harvey Outfitter connect you with one of the local offshore or inshore fishing guides to put you and your crew on the fish. To learn more about our “go-to” sport-fishing captains for a great day on the water, call the Guy Harvey Outfitter Shop at 855.GH.OUTFITTER or 727.329.1408. 

You can also find Captain Tim, our Master Outfitter and resident angler, at the Guy Harvey Outfitter shop. For over 15 years, Captain Tim has been assisting guest anglers of all skill levels in getting the most out of their time on the water. The Tampa Bay fishery is world class. When it comes to knowing the area’s best fishing spots, or hearing about the hot bite, stop by the Guy Harvey Outfitter Shop and hook up with Captain Tim and his world class Outfitter staff. Whether it’s for guidance, gear, or just plain old fish tales, the Outfitter has you covered.

Play by the Rules 

We at Guy Harvey Outpost take fishing regulations seriously. We're committed to conservation and hope you are as well. It's important to know and respect the local fishing regulations. At best, it’s good sportsmanship. At worst, being unfamiliar is a prescription for fines and penalties. Sadly, for some anglers fishing restrictions are for others to worry about. Such attitudes quickly result in an unsustainable fishery. So we ask all our anglers to be good sportsmen and conservationists, and respect the regulations. We must all do our small part in protecting the fisheries for both our ‘lil guys and future generations to come. Now let's go fishin'!





Details for Florida fishing license and regulations